Just Relax

by Retro Dizzy

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Retro Dizzy's 3rd Full Length Album, Just Relax, is a trip into outer space on the back of a pangolin.

This marks Retro Dizzy's first album as a 4-piece and exhibits a whole new sound and direction. From the Beach Boys to the Beatles with a mix of the 13th Floor Elevators this album is a step into the great abyss but with complete consent.


released February 10, 2017

Recorded by Philip Kramer at Phantom Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Steven Johnn
Written and Produced by Retro Dizzy
*Psychosomatic recorded live at Mercury, Cape Town, South Africa by Michael Clarke



all rights reserved


Retro Dizzy Cape Town, South Africa

Psychedelic Surf Rock

from Cape Town,South Africa.

Here's our lineup:

Richard Liefeldt: Vocals, guitar
Stuart Dods: Bass, backing vocals
Andre Vlok:
Guitar, backing vocals
Nicolaas Rossouw: Drums
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Track Name: Morning Rush
Oh, tell me where you've been
The car door slams
It was with him

In the thoughts of my mind
With no land in sight I just might
Go under tonight

The passenger seat
Is cold and deserted
I am alerted
Of it's vacancy

All these depths
That reach no end
Yeah I'm rushing
In the early morning hours again
Track Name: Rapid Fire
I see you every night
I wanna make you mine
Baby kiss your lips,
Maybe take your time

All I want is Rapid Fire

I wanna make him cry
I wanna make him weep
I want him to know your heart is mine to keep
I want him to follow me into the street

All I want is Rapid Fire

I know he's watching us
I know it makes him sick
A little rock n roll always does the trick
All I want is Rapid Fire

I wanna be evil, I wanna be bad
I wanna make your new boy sad
I want to fight him in the fucking street

All I want is Rapid Fire
Track Name: Come Closer
I feel it coming closer
I feel it coming for me
Do you wanna come over?
Deteriorate with me

I feel it on my skin
I feel it from within
You only come out at night
To keep your soul alive

I love I do
I love you it's true

Oh is it true?
What they say about you
How could you swallow
All of my sadness
Track Name: Mystery
Tell me
Can you feel it?
White walls
With no ceiling

I was blind but now I see
This is all I could ever need
Walk next to the ocean side
A little place where we could hide

Let's go for a
Breath of fresh air
Where the mystery ends
I don't mind, I don't care
I don't mind

Cut my hair and change my name
Nothing will ever be the same
I think I saw the face of God
But then again, maybe not
Track Name: Machete Madness
He's coming for you
He's coming for me
Run through the golf course
Blood on money ah

He was feeling sick
Looking for Tik
But there's no time to cry
Cause it's your time to die

Machete Madness
Track Name: Psychosomatic
Oh girl
I wanna get lost in your eyes
I wanna get lost in your smile
I wanna be burned by your fire

I feel psycho, psychosomatic
Let's go, let's go back
but we can't go, can't go back
I feel psycho, psychosomatic